The Key To A Stress Free Life
“Finally a solution is in sight!”

Why A American Doctor’s
30 Years of Research
Into Ancient Traditions
 Permanently Abolishes Stress
From Your Life

If you’ve got just 20 minutes a day, this breakthrough step-by-
step system will erase all stress from your life
in 60 days or less…guaranteed!

From: Dr William Smith

Dear friend,

          Stress is killing you. You know it, your doctor knows it…and you seem completely helpless to do anything about it. However, hope is in sight.


          Because after spending over 30 years studying Ancient spiritual, health and martial arts traditions from all over the world, I’ve uncovered quick and easy solutions to permanently eliminate all of your stress…for good!

          It’s an amazing feeling to live stress free. It seems so far away from you right now, you probably can’t even imagine being stress free.

          Have you ever wondered why people in some Far Eastern societies live to a good old age without all of the problems we suffer here in the West? What about the fact that stress related illness is unknown in these same societies?

          This is what drove me for over 20 years. I had to know because I was stressed out myself. This wasn’t some academic exercise. I had to uncover the answers because my life depended on them.

          I had tried everything - numerous forms of Eastern traditional exercises - Yoga, Qi(Chi)-Gong, Tai Chi, but nothing seemed to work. This was deeply frustrating to me. And this is when I accidentally stumbled across an ancient system that has over a thousand years of proven effectiveness behind it.

          It was the biggest “Aha” experience of my life. The system is known as HARA. Its origins are in the Far East. And once you practice just a little bit of this system everything seems to just get easy.

Why Far Easterners Live Stress Free Lives…
And How to Copy What They Do
So You’ll Live a Stress Free Life

          The funny thing is…my first book on the subject wasn’t enough. My publisher wouldn’t allow me the space to reveal everything I had learned from my intensive 30 year study. People were lined up just waiting for me to finish my findings so they could remove stress from their lives.

Clinical Psychologist and Talk Show Radio Hostess
Confirms Dr. Smith’s Research

"As the talk show host of the (French language) program Regards orthodoxes at Radio Ville-Marie (91.3 fm in Montreal, Canada), I had the privilege of doing a series of [4 thirty-minute] broadcasts with Fr. William Smith three years ago. 

"Although his book, The Pillars of Life, was only partly written at the time, he explained to our listeners what the main Pillars are and how they could use them to rebuild their lives on a basis that's not only solid, but also harmonious and holistic.

"Our listeners showed great interest, and many of them wrote, phoned or spoke to me in person about it, saying they were impatiently waiting for the publication of Fr. William's book."

       Whether it’s from the job or unrealistic demands placed on us by people who seem not to care, or from authority figures or loved ones who really don’t mean to but “accidentally” (even though it seems like it’s on purpose) cause points of anxiety all day, you need to know how to handle the pressure.

Here’s the great part: after reading this you will know

How to Control All Stress In Your Life!

          The findings designed this system. Because my first book needed a more in-depth explanation and practical application to master stress, I wrote this guide. It’s called Rock Solid Tranquility: Using the Ancient System of HARA to Create Unshakable Inner Peace, Abundant Energy, Personal Success and a Stress-Free Life.  

          It just doesn’t get any easier to permanently remove stress from your life than this. It’s a complete system derived from 30 years of research and training in the Ancient Systems of the Far East.

          Inside the series you’ll get advanced stress removal tactics such as…

  • The single most important thing you must do to permanently remove stress from your life.

  • A simple step by step system to live a healthy, stress free life. Without this information you’ll be doomed to continue living a stress filled existence.

  • How to avoid the number one cause of acute psychological stress. Once you know this one key (that your doctor, psychologist and clergy have not the slightest idea about, by the way) you’ll possess the power to change your condition.

  • Why certain environmental forces are actually causing stress in your life. And how to eliminate them permanently.

  • How to overcome the subtle social conditioning accidentally bestowed on you that keeps you in a state of stress. Only after you “know” how it’s been placed on you will you ever be able to master the condition.

  • Why the myth that “all you need to do is just practice Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, Yoga or meditation” is the biggest lie out there. The problem is that tens of thousands of people who practice these systems regularly are still walking around stressed out after months or even  years of practice! You can turn all these methods into powerful stress-busters, but you need the one key that will make it happen.

  • The 6 reasons why “traditional” stress management systems are a complete waste of time and money.

  • How to finally beat a disastrous mental plague introduced into Western civilization 15 centuries ago, a plague that has condemned you to live a life FULL of stressand the worst part ishardly anybody even knows it’s the one reason why most Americans are walking around ready to explode!

  • A simple 9 step method for mastering true breathing. Sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people actually don’t know how to breathe properly. But when you do - the sense of ease and relaxation will dominate your very being.

  • 28 beautiful step by step color photos to help you fully grasp every movement you need to know in order to permanently abolish stress from your life.

  • Why the HARA system is the most fundamental, most important and most powerful of the dozens of methods that exist.

  • How to avoid the charlatans who “teach” you methods of relaxation that have no real world application.

  • The number one mistake all newcomers to stress management systems make that you must avoid if you ever want to live without fear and anxiety.

  • The most manageable times to integrate the practice of this system for optimal results.

  • The 12 step path to developing the riches within your inner being. After you gain access to these steps…everything seems to just flow and become easy.

  • How to analyze your own being to uncover whether or not you’re actually storing up tension for a rainy day. It may surprise you that you’re actually “keeping” stress locked up…and now you can totally remove it.

  • The 4 things you must avoid when first starting to make a real and measurable change. If you don’t watch out for these and guard your stress free life like a watch dog…you’ll be doomed to repeat the same mistakes you’re making now.

  • How to convert the things that destroy your peace into your allies. Simple movements are all it’s going to take!

  • The one huge misconception people have about what prevents stress.

  • A simple shift in movement you must make in order to eliminate chronic back pain forever.

  • A 5 step method to perfect postural alignment. Once you know and understand these movements…one hidden but major cause of your stress will be eliminated.

  • Why your western goal-oriented behavior is condemning you moment by moment to a life filled with stress and how to prevent it from sabotaging your desire to be stress free!

And that’s just the beginning. I recognize people need help. Knowing this I’m going to personally take you by the hand and remove all stress from your life for good.

          So not only are you getting a complete manual with little known tactics about how to eliminate stress from your life. You’ll be…

Personally Coached To Ensure
You Destroy the Stress In Your Life…Forever!   

          Picture yourself finally being able to live a stress free life. I know it may seem impossible…but here’s your opportunity to do it. Just imagine not feeling tense - never being on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


          I know it’s hard to envision yourself living this kind of life style…but…people have been living life just like this for thousands of years in many parts of the world. It’s the exact same information I’m going to personally make sure you understand and practice.


          By talking to you over the phone for the next 10 weeks! For the next 10 weeks after you decide today to end stress permanently I’m going to make sure you carry out your desire.

          Shortly after you declare victory over stress today, you’ll receive an invitation email from me informing you of the date and time of your very first personal consultation. Yes it’s a group setting but you’ll get to send in your personal questions that I’ll be able to answer to the benefit of everybody in the group.

C’mon…It Can’t Be This Easy
To Permanently Annihilate Stress From My Life!

          I know. You’re skeptical. That’s perfectly understandable. Who wouldn’t be in this world? So first let me tell you what this is not.

  • This is not some esoteric practice that will take you years to master…and leave you in frustration because you don’t have 5 hours a day to practice.

  • This is not some stress management system that tells you to just “change your mind and everything will be alright”. Your perception of stress is real…you can feel the burden everyday. It weighs you down - you feel burdened…you don’t NEED a perception shift…you need permanent relief!

  • This is not a system where you need to pay massive fees and hook yourself up to some machine to tell you that you’re stressed (you already know that).  It’s a method that shows you the simple mental and physical steps that will give you automatic mastery over your whole being without dependence on technology.   

  • This is not a set of predetermined movements you use to “keep a lid on your stress”. At best these forms help to divert your attention away from the problems…however they come back as soon as you return to your daily schedule.  This is not about managing stress – it’s about killing it once and for all.

  • This is not some hypnotic audio recording of my voice or serene sounds of streams running over rocks or waves crashing.  Soothing audio is pleasant but never solves the problem.  This is the real thing…and it has over a thousand years of proof behind it.

      This information has never before been revealed in a systematic and user-friendly program to the English speaking world. Nobody has taken the time to break down the complex stress-killing methods of the Far East for your personal use at home here in the West.

      This is your sure-fire ticket to release the burdens placed on you by your culture and environment. Your immune system will take on a new vitality and stress related sickness will vanish in under 60 days…guaranteed.

How Can I Permanently Be Relieved Of Stress In My Life?

      It’s simple and I’ll show you how.   But before I do, I want to inform you of the additional information you’ll get when you decide today to end stress in your life forever.

When you order the HARA system package, you’ll also receive…


 21 Actions To Ignite Your Success! ($15 value)  Success expert Paul Frazer, founder of the Mindscape program, reveals a simple method to getting what you want in life. Visit him at


Releasing Money Sabotage ($30.00 value) Australia’s stellar life coach, Melissa Scott, shows you how to undo the inner bondage that keeps you locked into your current income and suffering from financial STRESS. Learn more at

Who Else Wants To Permanently Remove
Stress From Their Life?

          As you can see, this is a permanent solution to your stress problems. It’s the only simple, step-by-step, complete, hold-you-by-the-hand solution out there. You just won’t get access to an expert for 10 straight weeks to ensure you finally crush the stress in your life.

          Let’s take a quick review of the HARA system. Remember what you’re getting:

A 10 part fully detailed course that fully explains everything you need  to do to live a stress free life. Value $69.97

A 10 week teleseminar coaching program together with 10 weekly study guides to ensure you don’t just purchase this program and then fail to integrate it into your life.  I’m personally committed to your success and I’m looking forward to coaching you through the process.  Value $199.97. And this is not the worthless FLUFF you get in so many other tele-seminars these days – this is hands-on, no holds barred training to rid you of stress forever.

          As you can see, the HARA system's regular price is $269.97 (while its value is priceless – it certainly was to me personally in my own daily life). However, the cost to you is nowhere near that, if you act today.

          So until the spots fill up for the next 10 week cycle you’ll be able to get the entire $269.97 system for just $134.97 - a 50% discount.

Or, if you'd prefer to start with the course only, without the teleseminar personal coaching package, you can purchase the digitally downloadable system for $39.97 (regular $59.97) or the softcover training manual version for $49.97 reduced from $69.97.

          Before you buy today, just listen to what experts in their field have to say about the HARA system:

Great Course Simon!

Your Rock Solid Tranquility course provides simple and effective ideas for naturally de-stressing both the body and mind.Your unique combination of common sense and deep insight, obviously gained from decades of applied discipline and research in ancient Eastern wisdom really helped me gain several immediate and practical applications. Anyone who applies these principles for several weeks will definitely see benefits…I know I have.I believe your course will offer my clients the multitude of mind, body and spirit benefits that Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong offer, which you so wisely sum up as “posture, breathing and movement”.Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Michael Morningstar –Transformation Life Coach / Great NEWS Coach (Nutrition – Energy – Wellness - Success)

Dr. William Smith’s course is a life-changing experience! 

He’s a talented author and a first-rate trainer, and I’m convinced that his work will make a huge difference to people struggling with chronic stress.

Michael Hughes - the Networking Guru

Stressed?  Searching for tranquility? 

This book is a superb "how-to" manual developed from years of research.  Dr. Smith's diverse and vast expertise has allowed him to put together an amazing program to bring tranquility to your life today.  You will not find this important information anywhere else!

Paul Frazer, Success Strategist, Professional Speaker and author of "Stop, Drop & Re-Balance: A Self Renewal Manual".

"What a wonderful combination of spiritual common sense and practical application"

There are many roads for us to find peace within ourselves, and this book provides an excellent roadmap. I found pearls of wisdom that made a difference for me; pearls which I cannot wait to pass along to those who are ready to hear them.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom, William.  Great work." 

Jennifer Hough
Author, Lifestyle Coach and Speaker
Founder of "Get Out of Your Own Way" courses in Transformation

      And because I’m so sure this system is for you…and knowing you’ll get so much out of it to permanently take the burden off your shoulders, and restore your health, I’m including a….

100% Money Back 1 Year Guarantee

          You can take an entire year to decide for yourself if you want to use this system to annihilate stress from your life. If after 364 days you no longer want to use this system for any reason at all…Every last dime you spend here today will be refunded to you with no questions asked.

          It’s just that simple. You invest in your health and stress removal. If it doesn’t work for you - or for any reason at all, just return the system for a full refund.

Click Here To Permanently Remove Stress

From Your Life

 Just remember what you’ll be getting when ordering the HARA system…

You’ll be totally free of psychological stress and its
physical symptoms in just 60 days or less!

  • You’ll experience unshakable calm and complete freedom from fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.

  • You’ll discover a whole new level of consciousness that is vastly more pleasant than “living in your head”, as you do now.

  • You’ll become much more effective at work, school, home and play.

  • You’ll have abundant energy, as you learn to store energy all day long rather than spend it.

  • You’ll experience increased immunity and robust health.

  • You’ll have a feeling of finally taking back control of your life.

  • You’ll have increased concentration and better memory.

  • You’ll experience better intuition about people and events.

  • You’ll have improved relationships with your lover, family, kids, boss, colleagues and perhaps your enemies too!

       The truth is that the principles behind HARA are not unique to the Far East.  It’s just that they found their most systematic expression there.  The basic principles behind HARA are also found in the original Christian spiritual tradition (the so-called “Hesychast” tradition still used in the Eastern Orthodox Church) and around the world. 

        So why doesn’t everybody know them?  The answer to this obvious question puzzled me for quite a while…

         But after years of dealing with and counseling people from all over the world, I realized that we Westerners are different – we don’t relate to our bodies and minds the same way others do.  It’s hard to believe, but our consciousness is stuck on one plane of being – the same plane of being that stress works on. 

       HARA refers to a different plane of being.  Stress can’t stand living there. HARA does to stress what electronic pest control devices do to a pest – it emits a frequency that repels it.

         HARA is the Japanese word for the center of your being.  When you’re there, you can’t be stressed.  You can’t be anxious or afraid.  Learning HARA is about learning how to get into the HARA state and stay there. 

       Uh, Oh!  You may be thinking this is going to be some weird New Age mind game or that you’ll have to master some difficult, esoteric method.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

       The HARA system is very simple and largely physical.  It’s so simple that it’s foolproof!  If it weren’t foolproof, if it demanded years of meditating in a mountain cave or brain-numbing visualization, there’s no way that thriving cultures could have been built on it.  And they were! 

        It’s just that to cultures like China and Japan, this isn’t a “system” or “method” so much as a way of life that they think is kind of obvious.  That’s part of the reason why Asian arts in the West are almost useless at passing this on.  How would I know?

       Well, after 35 years of Asian martial arts here in North America, I can honestly tell you I never met a single instructor who both knew this stuff and could communicate it.  Almost none knew it and none could teach it.

My Personal “Coaching To a Stress Free Life”
Spots Are Limited

I’m only one man. Because of this, even though I desire to help everybody who wants to live stress free, I just don’t have the time. So I can only take on a few people per 10 week cycle.

So don’t hesitate, because every second you delay is a chance you’re taking with your very life. If you don’t act now, others will and they’ll take your spot to permanently annihilate stress from their lives.

Click Here To Permanently Remove Stress

From Your Life

As a thank-you for just reading this far, I have a couple of gifts for you. Whether you purchase the Rock Solid Tranquility course or not, I'd like to give you these two FREE bonus reports:

1. A special report for college and university freshmen and their parents, called:

The Academic Pressure Cooker:
How to Avoid Being Road Kill on the Super Highway of Academic Stress

2. A special report for everyone called:
The Occidental Virus:
The Real Reasons for the Modern stress Epidemic and How You Can Beat Stress Forever in 60 Days

Go to the bottom of this page to pick up your free bonus reports!


Dr. William Smith

Author, Stress Relief Coach

P.S. The Ancient HARA system has over a thousand years of clinical proof behind it.  Whole cultures have been built on it.  The system is a complete guide to stress elimination. Just to ensure you’ll never feel stressed again, I’m dedicating 10 weeks of my time to you to make absolutely certain you understand how to use this information in your life.  I refuse to let you fail!

P.P.S. Don’t wait. I can only take on a few clients per 10 week cycle. I just don’t have the time to help more. If you delay your decision to buy the HARA system today, you’ll have to wait months for personal coaching. Don’t delay…your life, family and loved ones depend on you. Don’t let them down because you delayed.

Who Is Dr. William Smith?

Dr. William Smith is a priest and spiritual father in the Eastern Orthodox Church in Ottawa, Canada. He has spent over thirty years immersing himself in the life-transforming practices of Orthodoxy's ascetical-mystical tradition, Buddhism, Taoism and other Authentic Ancient Traditions.

He’s also a martial arts expert with 35 years experience in a number of Chinese and Japanese arts, including Shaolin and Wing Chun Kung Fu, the Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi, Judo and Jiu Jitsu.  William is proficient in the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has taught Qi Gong workshops (Chinese exercise systems) on many occasions. 

He is a university professor who lectures on Orthodox theology in English and French through the Orthodox Studies Program at the Université de Sherbrooke in Montreal, and holds workshops on various aspects of health and immunity, internal martial arts and Qi Gong. 

Dr. Smith spent nearly 15 years as an intelligence officer for the Canadian government, where he ran one of Canada’s most closely guarded intelligence operations for five years. 

He is also an author.  Not just of The 5 Pillars of Life, and its many related products, but he is also a contributing author to Stephen E. Schmitt’s best-selling Wake Up… Live the Life You Love: Inspirational “How to” Stories. 

His other interests include foreign languages – he speaks several fluently – and military affairs.  He is married and has three children.


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